The Red String In Different Cultures

The red string is known as an instrument of protection to negate evil in various cultures, all over the world. The red string is very powerful, and it is used for protection against the “evil eye”.

The virtues of a red string

A person with an evil eye powers carries with him jealousy and envy, a destroying force. People who know the power of this force will want to avoid it, as it may injure them or it may even lead to death. This kind of force is dangerous, and though it is not usually evident to most, many people take precautions by being protected, wearing a kabbalah red string. As scary as it may sound, the “evil eye” does exist in modern society, and the eye is referred to in different cultures as the window to the human soul, and it can transmit tremendous energy. Many different cultures believe that when we are sending negative energy towards people, a red string kabbalah will always protect us from conscious and unconscious stares and prevent the effect it may cause. The kabbalah red string bracelet is worn on the left side of the wrist. This supports the red string bracelet meaning and purpose that aims to deflect the negative energy by creating a protective and positive energy. It is also believed it enters through the left and leaves through the right.

Different red strings

Apart from the red string protection from the evil eye, a red string is used for something completely different. There is the red string of fate, which is used as a connector. As the name suggests, the red string of fate determines the fate of two people who were meant to be together. The red string of fate is also usually referred to as the red thread of destiny, and it is mostly used in Chinese and Japanese folklore. Have you ever wondered how two people meet and connect so well? if they were meant for each other? According to the myths of Chinese and Japanese origin, the Gods tie a cord around the ankle of those that are to meet one another in certain situations. This is to help each to meet. The two people are intrinsically linked by the red string in order to become lovers irrespective of when, where, or how they met. One way or another, they will meet and truly fall in love at first sight and will be more than compatible. This myth is still used by the Japanese and Chinese even after the passing of all those generations. This magic cord that binds them is believed to tangle or stretch but never ever break. If you think about this carefully, this means the two people may quarrel and even have some misunderstandings, but they will soon resolve their issues and get back together because they are meant to be together forever. There has been no occasion where the cords break. The red string of fate myth is similar to the western concepts of soul mates or destined flames, where two people are meant to be together, forever and ever, and no matter what the circumstances these people will still meet.

Wearing your red string

As time passes by and new generations come into being, there are even red string bracelets that are in the market for different kinds of fashion. Most people do not know where the red string came from and usually wear the red string just for fashion. But it is an instrument of great mystical power and it holds great virtues as well as being fashionable.
It is advisable not to remove the bracelet, so take this seriously. There is a myth, that the very minute or even second that you remove the bracelet there will be a negative energy that will strike you, this is because evil eye “vibes” take the opportunity and are attracted towards you (since you were protected), so watch out!
For generations, those using the red string bracelet will believe in its power and symbolism to ward off all evil eye forces and then its purpose is to promote positivity. One should tie it while having positive thoughts in order to attract peace and protect against evils and the evil eye. When tied with negative thoughts or any doubts it may not be as effective, most cultures believe the red string is as good as wearing nothing. This is because; you have to have faith that it will actually help you. in order for the red string bracelet to keep the evil away faith and positivity is required. Have you ever wondered where the old expression “if looks could kill” came from? Now, you will know that it is based on the evil eye concept and how you could prevent it from causing you harm by wearing the red string. The Jewish Kabbalah people were the first people ever to introduce the red string.

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