This Is How The Evil Eye Affects You And Your Family

Sometimes we experience a series of bad luck in life that leads us to believe that we are simply unlucky. We often receive bad luck that brings harm to people that we would like to avoid. Managing the evil eye effect can improve your luck.

The effect of the evil eye

The evil eye can have negative energy and forces that cause destruction and damage to the people who have been looked at (meaning, a evil eye was casted in them). The certain individual that possesses the evil eye is said to contain some power causing harm or bad luck using just their gaze. They are said to transfer all their emotions to a person and thereby cause negative energy that disturbs the harmony of that person. In a family that is always happy, safe and peaceful or a family that does well, those who are jealous of the family are said to be the people who dismantle the family with a gaze of the evil eye that brings bad luck. If someone looked for too long, stared at the children, their possessions or their livestock, then the children became sick, the possessions were stolen, or some animals died of an unknown disease, it was then suspected that they were looked at by an evil eye. Small children are usually vulnerable because they are innocent and that is the reason why children are not allowed to be seen very much by outsiders and strangers in many different cultures.

Why worry about the evil eye

The evil eye is most likely to strike good and happy families where there is positive energy. Sometimes the evil eye is even possessed in families where they envy one another and therefore pass the evil eye without even knowing they do so. For instance, two sisters go to school to visit their children on parent’s day. One of the sister’s children performs well in class while the other one does not do as well in school. This sister says they would wish their child would do so much better like the other sister’s child or at least perform as well as the other child because then she would be very happy with her performance. The other sister just feels happy, proud and they continue with their day. After a few months, the child who performed well starts doing badly and performs very poorly and the worst thing is that she seeks assistance but the child still performs poorly thus having bad grades. This can be attributed to the evil eye.

Effects of the evil eye in your life

You may also have a successful business, which means that you are financially stable. You are able to fully provide for your family and that life is good. A friend, who is not successful as you are, throws a bad eye at you (motivated by jealousy and envy) or stares at you in vicious manner. Then all of a sudden the business starts to fail and everything you worked hard for goes down the drain. Everything becomes a mess, one day a worker steals all your money that you left in a safe. You feel that bad luck is mounting and it wipes out everything you ever owned. You buy more stock into the business but after a week, you receive a call in the middle of the night that your store has been burnt and the fireman could not save a single thing. Now you have to start again, you would definitely have the evil eye on you, and it will not be too long before you can get stable again. Your family is perhaps surviving on your savings or your family has no one to provide for them, then they become poor and helpless. It is so unfortunate that you never known when you have the evil eye on you. It might be today, tomorrow or later, but we should always be watchful. This was obviously and exaggeration (although these are real stories), and yet it is important to connect the dots, and protect yourself. One of the cultures believe that if you detect an evil eye that is actually looking at you and that you know who has done that to you, one way of eliminating it by actually going to the person and asking them to retract it. Some will tell you that they will not do that. If you detect the individual with a bad eye commenting on something, then you may want to consider amulets, bracelets, and other spiritual symbols to help protect you and hope that people take back what they said. This will help you avoid the evil eye and protect anything that is important to you, such as your kids, property, business and so on. So in short, we should be very careful out there and be careful in who we place our trust because there are some people who will want to take away what makes you successful by casting an evil eye on you.

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