What Is A Hamsa? And What Is The Story Behind It?

The hamsa is an amulet that is hand shaped with three fingers that are extended in the middle and curved outer fingers, the pinky finger and thumb, on either side. At the center of the palm is the evil eye, which is believed to be all seeing.
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The significance of a hamsa

Hamsa is believed to be representative of the right hand of the human body. It is regarded as a sacred symbol in different cultures for protection against evil and destructive forces. It is also a symbol of blessing, fortune, wealth, health, happiness, power and strength. The name “hamsa” is Arabic, and comes from the word “hamesh” from the Hebrew word ‘five’, which represents the five books of Torah. It also known as Khamsa from Arabia and the other word is ‘Chamsa’. Sometimes it is called the “hand of Miriam” who was the sister of Moses and Aaron in the bible. The Hebrew also believes that wearing a hamsa bracelet will help them get closer to God. God is the one who protects them from evil spirits and the evil eye. Many cultures use the sacred symbol to this day for protection against the evil eye. These cultures include the Arabians, Jews, North African and Middle Eastern by hanging the symbol in the households throughout these places and at all times. Throughout the years, the hamsa symbol has predated Islam, Christian and Judaism, though no one is still certain of its origin. You may find certain words inscribed on the hamsa. One of the common words is “mazal”, which is Hebrew for luck. This is usually associated with blessings; other words that are inscribed usually symbolize blessing, good luck and fortune or either specific blessings for the home and work place.

The meaning of hamsa in various cultures

The term of the hamsa amulet also differs from one culture to another throughout the world. The different regions have given the hamsa a name from their culture that means the same because the hamsa does the same work – protect people from evil. The hamsa hand is referred to as the “the hand of Fatima” in Islam. Fatima was the one of the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad. On the other hand, the Christians believe the hamsa is the “hand of Mary” the mother of Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin. The Jews, however, believe that and refer to it as “the hand of Miriam” the sister of Moses and Aaron. The Hebrew contrarily to all the others believes that the hamsa hand brings them closer to God and that God watches over them and protect them over evil forces, destructive energy and the evil eye. Many Jews also believe that the hamsa hand suggests that its wearer will use all their five senses to worship God by doing this God will protect them from evils and will always keep them safe as a reward of their praise. The hamsa symbol is believed to have originated through an ancient Middle Eastern religion, this not confirmed, and no one is certain about this. Some Jews and Muslims wear the hamsa as a gesture for hope, faith, peace, and prosperity.

How is the hamsa used?

The hamsa has been used by many generations of different cultures, different beliefs and different regions of the world, but one thing is for sure and it is that they all believe that it protects them from the evil eye. This has been passed on to all their people, and the belief is even growing stronger as time goes by.. Other people misinterpret the use of the hamsa symbol. They use it carelessly and some just do not use it well (defiling the mystical powers it holds-and treat it with mockery). The hamsa symbol is used as an amulet that can be worn on the body. This is easier because the hamsa hand is big and cannot be carried everywhere. It protects a person simply by wearing it or it can be hung on a wall. The hamsa that can be used and worn on the body, which makes it so convenient because it gives protection not only where it has been hung up, but to whoever wears it. Dark arts and dark magic are prevented from causing harm to those who wear the hamsa. That is why there are various types of the hamsa hand, bracelets, lockets, and even anklets that have been made for the symbol of the hamsa hand. This was done so that it is available everywhere and everyone, this way anyone can wear the bracelet and be protected from evil eye. The hamsa is also a good way to offer protection to people because it represents the symbol of blessing, power and strength. Though, few people believe the hamsa bracelet is a superstitious foolishness, many people believe it actually works. While its virtues may mean different things to different people, it remains as a very beautiful jewelry to put on and powerful instrument to negate evil eye.

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