What are the shipping charges?

There are no additional fees for shipping! we prefer to absorb the additional shipping fee in order to let you get the bracelet and the blessing it gives for the best possible price. We believe that by helping people get these blessings, we are actively making the world a better place.

Where do the different items being shipped from?

The bracelets, Hamsas and all other items are being shipped directly from Israel. Most of the items start their journey in the Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and one of the oldest and most spiritual cities in the world. From there the different items are being delivered to Tel-Aviv followed by airmail directly to you.

For which countries is the shipping available?

The shipping is available for all countries, except for those that the shipping is excluded for, due to the Israeli Post Office restrictions.


what is a Hamsa?

The Hamsa is an amulet that is hand shaped.the Hamsa is regarded as a sacred symbol in different cultures for protection against evil and destructive forces. It is also a symbol of blessing, fortune, wealth, health, happiness, power and strength.Sometimes it is called the “hand of Miriam” who was the sister of Moses and Aaron in the bible. The Hebrew also believes that wearing a Hamsa bracelet will help them get closer to God. God is the one who protects us from evil spirits and the evil eye.

What is a Kabbalah Red Bracelet?

A type of charm associated with Judaism. Traditionally, it’s tied on the left wrists of individuals attending a religious ceremony. In Jewish tradition, wearing Kabbalah bracelets or a thin red string is believed to confirm your Jewish faith, ward off “evil eye”, and may also attract good fortune, while based on some historical accounts, wearing Kabbalah bracelets was used by people to control demons or evil spirits, and to protect the person wearing it from any harm.
Please read this article to get more information about the Kabbalah Red Bracelet.


how can i make the payment?

The payment can be easily processed with a credit card through PayPal or directly by your PayPal account, PayPal is the most common and popular method of payment over the internet and is also known as the safest method of payment online.

Is Pay Pal the only method of payment?

Yes, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to process the payment, you can easily use your ordinary credit card. The reason “choosing a password” is required is just so you can see your payment in the future through PayPal website.