Black Hamsa with Shema Israel
Black Hamsa with Shema Israel Evil Eye Black Hamsa pendant with Shema in Hebrew on a red string bracelet

Black Hamsa With Shema on a Red String Bracelet

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A Red String Kabbalah Bracelet with a Silver Hamsa.
the red string bracelet is a powerfull tool to negate the effects of evil eye and bad luck.
it is garnished with a red string as in the traditional stories from rachel tombe.
the kabbalah bracelet is shipped directly from Israel.

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Product Description

An Evil Eye Hamsa Red String Bracelet

garnished with a beautiful Evil Eye depiction.
This mystical Judaica artifact possesses the power to negate and block evil forces that are casted upon you. These powers, like the evil eye and bad luck are commonly being abused by people who mean you harm. Not necessarily intentional harm- but meaning, a conscious level of wishing something bad to happen to a person. Sometimes even just a simple jealousy can create the effect of the evil eye, or as some people call it- the stink eye.

The red string kabbalah bracelet

is an item of protection as well a fashionable bracelet that is worn commonly by celebrities and politicians. This meaningful red bracelet is a tool for protection and an instrument to achieve positivity and success.

The kabbalah bracelet

should be worn on the left wrist of one’s hand. The bracelet is usually ornamented with a red string.
It is recommended that the bracelet should be worn with positive feelings and a sense of happiness even if it may be difficult at that specific time.