Do Evil Eye Bracelet Work?

Many scenarios, Support & prove the effectiveness of evil eye bracelets, the power of healing and the ability to ward off evil eye.
If this has not happened to you, then you probably have heard of someone people that fell inexplicably ill. In such a scenario, a person might have woken up feeling fine, in fact, seemed to be in perfect health and jovial as usual, but in a few hours or in the following day, they were bed ridden and at some occasions they could not even help themselves. They were than taken to the hospital but, the trip was wasted because the doctor did a full body checkup and everything was fine, they went home undiagnosed, and ended up feeling even worse. This often happens in particular parts of the world (where evil eye is at it strongs’t), and is one of the instances in which a community suggests to others that they have been cursed with an evil eye and should have been wearing an evil eye charm bracelet or an evil eye bracelet. Some people will use ordinary red string kabbalah bracelets or even an optioned, expensive gold evil eye bracelet to ward off the evil eye. Many people who wore such bracelets felt better and improved.

The evil eye affects many cultures

Cultures, especially the African and Asian cultures, do not allow other people to hold a newborn baby until the baby has grown to a certain age. In some cultures, mothers do not even allow the baby to come out of the house, some hide them and make sure no one will talk bad about the baby for fear of casting an evil eye on the baby. A mother holding a newborn baby knows that a relative or friend will surely come to see the child and congratulate her but the mother holds the baby tightly and kisses the baby. This is to bring the baby closer to herself. A few guests may come in, and keep giving complements on how the baby is lovely and beautiful or how the baby looks just like the mother, the mother becomes proud and a few hours after the guest has left. The baby starts to develop diarrhea, vomit or even end up with a fever. Usually in such a scenario, the baby is taken to hospital with no sign of any illness being diagnosed. In some extreme cases the baby may even end up dying because, even after receiving the right medicines, the baby shows no signs of improvement. The evil eye bracelet meaning in this situation often suggests that if the baby was wearing the evil eye bracelet, whatever words the guest had said would have been deflected, and the baby would have been fine.
Nowadays, various cultures would put a bracelet evil eye on a new born baby to provide them with a bracelet of their own, so they may not have to hide the baby from people. A good example is the Hindu community that ties the evil eye bracelet or a red string bracelet on the left wrist and the others tie it on waist of the newborn child to protect them from evil.

what can heppen when you are not protected from the evil eye?

Think about waking up one morning ready to go to work and everything is okay, the sun is up and bright, and you ready to start your day. You meet up with a friend, relative or a neighbor at the bus stop. They say hi to you and start giving compliments about how smart you look and how they wish they could have such a job as yours. They might not want to wake up early or dress sharp but they would love to have more money like you do. You say good bye and leave them, head for the office, and youfind your self late for work, as a result you end up getting into a quarrel with your boss, and later on end up losing your job. You may not notice this is happening to you when you have protection from evil eye because the evil eye bracelet will protect you from such evil forces. If this happened to you and you kept asking how these turn of events happened so abruptly, you might assume that you have bad luck and that everything will be okay soon; however, the evil eye bracelet wards off all evil forces. This would not have happened if you were wearing the evil eye bracelet because you would have been protected from the envy and jealousy of the neighbor or friend. While we know many things happen in our daily lives, would you be happier knowing that the evil eye bracelet protects us. Wearing a red string kabbalah or other forms of evil eye protection are well respected in many cultures to prevent such things from happening, as people with envy and jealousy or even destructive intentions can have detrimental effects on our wellbeing.

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