How can I Learn Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is often referred to as a mystical form of Judaism. Today, it attracts over 3.5 million followers, and people wearing a Kabbalah red bracelet often represent it. Its mysticism is intriguing and many people show interest in the belief and wear a Kabbalah red bracelet to ward off the evil eye. It has also found fame because it has attracted the attention of various celebrities, including Madonna. Kabbalah is based on teachings that pre-date Christ by about 400 years. The Zohar is the foundation collection of Torah commentaries that the Kabbalah is based that focuses on the secrets of the Bible, and the origins of the universe and human life. Up until fairly recently, the religious tradition of Kabbalah was only transmitted orally from senior paternal guardians within the family from generation to generation. Contemporary teachers of Kabbalah at the end of the twentieth century used this period to mark a shift from Kabbalah merely being available to Jewish decendants to a wider group of believers, which opened the belief system to be taught and studied more widely. Its modern belief system can be traced back to1660, when Reuben Hoeshke used the teachings, referred to as Yalkut Re’uveni. The focus of wearers of the Kabbalah red bracelet is that it shares the teachings about the immanence of God and simultaneous transcendence of His attributes. Ten (or eleven, if you include the conscious and unconscious sides of keter and da’at, which only either side is considered) sefirot, or attributes of God, emanate from the Almighty’s creation of the universe and everything in it, including humans, and they have become qualities that correspond to various aspects of humanity. Each sefirot is a life force of channel of Divine energy, made up of three axes: right, middle and left. The left side is the receiving side to the body and soul, which is why the Kabbalah red bracelet is worn on the left wrist and protects the body from negative energies.

Does a Kabbalah red bracelet Have Anything to do With Kabbalah?

Adherents and believers wear a Kabbalah red bracelet to express their belief in the powers of Kabbalah; therefore, the Kabbalah red bracelet has a contemporary meaning of belonging. Its traditional meaning relates to the protection afforded to wearers who believed in the mystical powers of it. The tradition is that a red silk string is wound around the tomb of Rachel, who was the wife of Jacob, and gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin, their two sons after many years struggling to give birth. Rachel was extremely possessive and protective of her sons, but she died giving birth of Benjamin. It is believed that the Kabbalah red bracelet string should be worn on the wrist of the left hand because this side of the body is the side that receives positive energies bestowed upon the red string as it was wrapped around Rachel’s tomb. Like many religious symbols, Kabbalists believe that the Kabbalah red bracelet offers a powerful influence on our lives that emulate the strength of Rachel’s desire to protect her sons from evil. For full effect, the Ana b’Koach prayer should be recited to bind the power of the Kabbalah red bracelet so that it can intercept negativity and protect us from the evil eye.

Where can I Learn More About Kabbalah Bracelets?

You can learn more about a Kabbalah red bracelet and the teachings online. There are also many books about Kabbalism, which were mostly written since 1980. You may live near one of the many Kabbalah Centers that exist worldwide, with centers and study groups present in many cities and in most regions of the world. Over 40 centers exist in addition to the many study groups that can provide more information on Kabbalah and the powers of the Kabbalah red bracelet. The Kabbalah red bracelet protects it wearer from the evil eye. The evil eye, referred to by the Zohar, is how someone who looks upon you with envy or jealousy and wants to exert upon you negative or destructive forces. The Kabbalah red bracelet therefore aims to ward off this evil force and bestow upon you positive energy. Envious stares and looks ‘that could kill’ can prevent us from realizing the potential of our lives, as they send out vibes that intend to hurt us, spread misfortune or convey resentment towards us. In this way, the Kabbalah red bracelet meaning exerts a view that wearing it can bring good fortune and help us fulfill our desires for an enriched life and encourage us to be better people. You can find a Kabbalah red bracelet made out of various materials incorporating precious metals, gemstones, as well as silks, strings, and colored beads, which in themselves make them modern, contemporary pieces of jewelry. However, a traditional Kabbalah red bracelet will normally consist of a string that is red in color, with symbols attached that resemble a hand or other amulets that ward off the evil eye.

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