Why People Wear A Hamsa Bracelet?

A hamsa bracelet is considered as an amulet that represents the right hand that may have an eye design upon its wrist and is fixed to a bracelet that is worn on the left wrist. The bracelet comes in various colors and finishes to suit the wearer.

About a hamsa bracelet

The hamsa bracelet is also known as the hamsa hand bracelet. It is a very sacred symbol used in many different cultures to protect them from evil and other destructive forces. The hamsa bracelet is mainly associated with far-eastern cultures, but it prior’s to most religions. Its exact origin is, however, still unknown. It is believed that the hamsa was first worn by the Jewish Kabbalah. There are many religious connotations associated with the main religions of the world, which helps link the notion that it predates many traditional religions around the world. More importantly, the symbolic significance is similar in each culture; therefore, it does not only protect people from evil, it also helps bind us together as humans (since it is considered to bring us closer to god).

Types of kabbalah bracelets

Over the past years, there have been different forms of hamsa bracelets. This is intrinsic to the movement of people throughout the world as cultures and idioms mixed and changed with time. What is clear is that people liked the appearance of jewelry. Not everyone can afford a hamsa bracelet made using sought after precious metals, such as a gold hamsa bracelet or a silver hamsa bracelet. What became clear is that it did not matter what materials were used to make a hamsa bracelet, they offered the wearer the same protection. The hamsa bracelet meaning may have become less important over time, as the bracelet has grown popular purely as a fashion item. There are also different types of hamsa bracelets that can be put on in different kinds of weather and have different appearances. An evil eye hamsa bracelet is made adjustable for the perfect fit, according to your choice and needs. For natural beauty, a red hamsa bracelet is popular, too. There are many forms of the bracelet available. The most common type is a hamsa red string bracelet, which is the one that is made of silk and is red in color. Hamsa bracelets can be found in the form of a locket with a hamsa symbol in the bracelet. You can also find a single string with five lockets, such a hamsa bracelet concept includes charms instead of lockets, or you may find a handmade beaded hamsa bracelet that will suit you. Although the evil eye hamsa bracelet is found in different forms, its main aim is to deflect evil away.

The hamsa as a sacred symbol

The hamsa bracelet is regarded as a sacred symbol in many cultures. For instance, Arabs, Jews and Christians all use the hamsa bracelet for protection against the evil eye forces. It is also a symbol that is worn as a bracelet that wards off negative energy, destructive forces, unseen danger and deflects the gaze of an “evil eye” away from the person wearing the bracelet. Men, women and children all over the world wear a hamsa bracelet. In the Middle East and North Africa, a hamsa bracelet is hung on the walls of households throughout the year for both protection, as well as decoration in the home. In the past, rumor has it that there were some very dark forces, some kind of dark magic in play in our lives. You may think this is a myth, maybe it is, but people were really scared and disturbed by the effects of evil or looked for an answer to difficult things that occurred in their lives. This held the evil eye hamsa bracelet in high regard, as people thought their dreams contained images that may harm them, and some people believe that evil spirits would do them harm. Some held the view that the evil eye was already harming people. Elders have decided to find a way to get rid of such evil eye thoughts or the harm it created in their community. This notion spread over the world. For such reasons, many people held a strong belief in the hamsa and thought of using hamsa for good. It probably heals our bodies so that we are protected from the evil eye. Since hamsa is like a person’s open right hand this was easy to implicate. With time, the hamsa was put into various forms of jewelry that could be worn by those seeking help from negative energy. They were made in different colors so that they look attractive and very easy to wear. Hamsa represents the symbols of blessing, power and strength. For those who are superstitious people, the hamsa bracelet is believed to be spiritual jewelry that should be constantly worn.

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