About Us

website was established by 2 Jewish-Israeli guys who live in Tel-Aviv. The website was made for one reason only: To Spread the KABBALAH RED BRACELETS to the world and bring blessings to all people around the globe. Lately we came to a conclusion that the website should spread more than just bracelets. That is why, recently, we have decided to upgrade our variety of items that provide protection from evil eye, this is due to an increased demand for products that negate evil eye effects and forces.

Our bracelets and hamsas are made to perfection as oppose to plastic made hamsas and bracelets that are manufactured in China, with no care for the special meaning and blessings it holds

We believe we can help the people of the world by distributing original and effective bracelets and hamsas.
Our vision is not only to spread these items, but also to promote positivity and good fortune by the creating a “pass it on” effect. we expect people to be kind to one another as soon as they witenss the effects of these mystical items. Our most fundamental view on good fortune is that it is created due to kindness and positive thinking.
We want to help YOU find success, health, luck and of course – evil eye protection.

Our motivation to spread the Kaballah bracelets is absorbed from people who already received bracelets and thanked us by sending “thank you” letters, as well as writing us about the changes that the bracelets have made in their life. We hope you and your family find the blessings and the happiness that the bracelets hold.


David & Ariel.